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idris elba- Freebie Fantasy

No explanation needed!



“Stevie Wonder – Knocks Me Off My Feet – Celebration of Love – Harmony (Live At Last)”


If you’ve never seen Endless Love (1981), then you should be ashamed, very ashamed!

She’s 15, he’s 17 & their love is dangerously intoxicating.  So much so that one of them ends up in a psychiatric hospital.
Do yourself a favor & view the IMDB link below & watch the movie on Amazon.

Endless Love (1981)

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New music from Karmin- Broken Hearted

Karmin is a duo that set the internet a fire with their covers of today’s top hits.
The most popular cover being Chris Browns’ ‘ look at me now’
The boyfriend/ girlfriend duo has successfully gone from YouTube stars to working with some of today’s hottest producers on their own original music.

Broken Hearted is Karmin’s second single & to be honest, I like them better when they are putting their own flavor on other artists songs.
Check it out….


The Claws are out!! Sir Elton vs. Madge





Leah loses her baby??

I just read an article that Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messner recently suffered a miscarriage. It’s the cover story of OK this week, and I think with that magazine, it could go either way on the truth scale. I may have my opinions about her moving too fast and all, but losing a baby is a tragedy either way, and if it is true, I send her my sincere condolences. I know I’m no one to her, but it sounds nice anyway. The good thing is that she’s young, and has plenty of years ahead of her to build a family. But I do hope she takes it as a sign to slow down and start protecting herself. Raise the kids she has and enjoy her new man – hopefully it lasts longer than her first relationship did.