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Dear Farrah…

Dear Farrah of the original Teen Mom,

I despise you. There, I said it. There’s not enough patience in the world to deal with your attitude, and if I were your parents, I would have beat you up looooong ago. Just the way you speak to people is enough to get your ass kicked in my book. And you wonder why you can’t keep any friends?! Do you even watch yourself when the show airs to see how ridiculously stupid you look? I bet you do – you’re just  slow to realize that YOU are to blame for all your own problems. I’m actually glad you gave Sophia to your mom, I mean, she raised her anyway. While you were whining about ‘being a teenager’ and staying out all night, she was there babysitting, I’m assuming without payment (even though you make plenty from MTV) and usually without any problems. The problems started (again) when you opened your monotone, smart ass mouth. And your poor dad, he just seems to have given up on everything. I understand, but I don’t know why he won’t just get up and go. I’ll have to send him his own ‘Open Letter’ another time.


Niki. 🙂


Comments on: "Dear Farrah…" (3)

  1. Preach girl Preach!!

  2. And have some respect for your dad…his name is DAD to you, not MICHAEL!

  3. darlingnikij said:

    hahaha, I forgot all about Michael vs Dad!! Stupid f’in girl. And now she’s dating some 50 year old millionaire in Florida. Gross.

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