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Ah, Jersday. Jersdays are great now that the crew is back in Seaside Heights. Let’s face it – Miami and Italy were boring train wrecks. Story lines were dragged on for weeks that didn’t matter (Sam and Ron fighting, Sam and JWoww fighting, Sam and…well, everyone else fighting) and unfortunately one carried over to the newest, and final season – Mike and Snooki gettin it on. We’ll get to that in a few, but for now, I’ll start at the beginnning…

Last night mainly focused on Vinny whining about his ‘anxiety’ and wanting to go home. I’m not making light of anxiety, I have dealt with it first hand. But the way I see it, this boy just got paid 1.2 million dollars to party for 30 days in Italy, and is getting paid another million to come right back to Jersey and do it again…AND his boss actually brought his family in to come see him! Now, I love my mom, but if I’m getting paid THAT much to party, I’d be ok with waiting another 60 days or whatever to see her. Just sayin. Plus, the previews for next week show him at home, so the cameras followed him – and I’m pretty sure that’s an indication he’ll be back (not to mention the fact that the season previews show him in later episodes).

Snooki and Mike – do I believe it? You bet your bank account I do. Why? It’s simple – when Mike started to tell everyone in the house in Italy, and JWoww warned Snooki, her exact words were, “Mike is telling everyone what happened with you two,” and Snooki’s response was, “No he’s not! ‘I’m gonna kill him!”. Now, if she didn’t do anything, don’t you think she would have instead asked, “What do you mean ‘what happened with us’?” But she knew exactly what JWoww meant because she knew exactly what she did with Mike that night. And the fact that the Unit shows up and she’s doing everything she can to avoid him and even apologizes to him later to keep him quiet don’t look good for her. If someone is spreading a lie about me, I usually don’t cry every time they bring it up or get THAT uneasy. It’s written all over her too-tanned, overly made-up face.

Umm, what else…Sam and Ron aren’t fighting (yet), but we’re only 2 episodes in, so I’m just gonna give that time. Pauly is usually one of my favorites, but he was so bummed out about Vinny leaving that he didn’t do too much. Some chick did steal his chain when he kicked her out at 4am so she would have an excuse to come see him again the next day, which was funny. But really, nothing much else happened.

I’m hoping this season starts to pick up soon, seeing as it’s the last one (at least with this cast) and I don’t wanna remember them as tired, old millionaires who can’t think of anything new besides GTL…that’s SO 2009. Stay tuned…


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  1. Thumbs up!! Great recap:)

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