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…we are all lying about the real age of Toni.


If you’ve seen this show, you know exactly what I mean. There is NO WAY Toni is older than Traci, and even Towanda is suspect. There are moments when I think she could be the youngest, but Tamar’s attitude screams “I’m the baby and I want everything my way!” Looks-wise, though, Toni just doesn’t seem to age.

If you didn’t catch the first season, or don’t watch the show, I’ll give you a quick little lesson on the sisters to get you caught up –

Toni – Labeled “The Superstar”, Toni is the oldest (yeah right) of her 4 sisters, and 3 of them used to sing background for her. In the first season, we learn that Toni is currently searching for a direction she wants to go on her new album, but we also learn the sad news that she’s battling Lupus. In the end of season 1, she moves out of Atlanta away where everyone else lives and relocates to LA to be closer to her doctors and music management team. I must say, if she’s bankrupt, bankruptcy is suddenly looking pretty tempting. This season, she has had to endure a partial hysterectomy, which she is still recovering from.

Traci – Labeled “The Wannabe”, Traci is the one sister who wasn’t able to do backup for Toni, and holds a grudge against the rest of the sisters because of it. However, it wasn’t their decision that she wouldn’t do it – Traci became pregnant at the time and physically was unable to tour and such. She has high hopes that the sisters will do a Braxtons album so they can all sing together, but in season 2 she seems to be grasping the fact that it may never happen and is turning instead to getting her cosmetology license.She’s married but her husband and her don’t seem to get along, and they both have infidelity problems, but won’t divorce. She’s my least favorite…and I’m sure others feel the same way.

Towanda – Labeled “The Responsible One”, Towanda not only was a background singer for Toni, but also her personal assistant. Because the first season brought all the girls a little more fame, she is now focusing more on her acting career than Toni’s chores. She has a husband that she’s separated from but lives with, with her kids, all in her younger sister Trina’s house (who we will get to momentarily. or not so momentarily, just depends on how fast you read). Her husband doesn’t work but won’t leave. Who could blame him? Towanda is attractive, and he’s livin off her money. She could do a lot better, and I wish she would…

Trina – Labeled “The Party Girl”, Trina’s story in the first season primarily revolved around her drinking. She got a DUI, did some community service, swore off drinking and never really stopped. She seems to be the most fun of the girls (and is my personal favorite), and is a self-proclaimed ‘Tri-sexual’. For those of you who don’t get that term, despite the fact that its circa 2002, it means shes willing to TRY anything, once. Her husband, Gabe has cheated on her for 5 of the 7 years they’ve been married, yet they are still together. Are you guys seeing the pattern of these sisters refusing to leave these men? The husbands aren’t even cute enough to be putting up with all that. Trina is using her new found popularity to record a pop album, and wants to be known as Black Britney. Hmm.

Tamar – Labeled “The Diva”, Tamar is the youngest, loudest, flashiest, most opinionated, least mature, and arguably most obnoxious of the sisters. I argue that her abrasive attitude is what drew in a lot of viewers, as people loved her wacky phrases, the most popular being that she ends every point she makes by saying ‘dot com/dot org’, etc. For example, “I ain’t bout to be singin doo-wop-pop back up for Toni Braxton forever! And that’s for real-dot-com!” She is married to music producer Vince Young, who most famously manages ‘Lady’ Gaga. (I put “lady” in quotations as I don’t feel that he is a real woman). Tamar has been wanting a solo record deal for years, and had an album back in the day that didn’t do too well. She thinks now that she’s a little more popular, success is a sure thing. She’s a great singer, but that’s all I’m prepared to give her credit for.


So, there’s the background. In this past week’s episode, not much happens. We find that Tamar is putting the idea of a Braxton’s album back on the table, but minus Toni. She feels that if Toni does the record, it will only be for a few songs, and ultimately the other sisters will all end up singing background yet again. And as she continuously lets us know, she’s SO far above that. Traci is concerned because she doesn’t want to get her hopes up for the album and have everyone flake on it again, so she wants to keep her ‘hairdressing career’ first. Now, excuse me for this next thought. But the sisters are very open about the fact that they all have assortments of different wigs they wear, including Traci. I don’t think that changing your wig to match your outfit makes you a hairdresser, but hey, maybe that’s how they do things in Maryland (where she wants to open her shop). The girls seem to be on board, as long as they can all put their solo careers first. However, their mom Evelyn is asking each daughter individually if she can be on the album. They all say its a dumb idea behind the scenes but smile in her face as not  to hurt her feelings. Tamar is the only one that basically laughs in her face and says ‘no’. See people, we DO need Tamar!

The only other thing that happens is Trina’s guilty conscious. She tells her sisters that she had an ‘oral transaction’ with a member of her pop band. This guy is a LOT cuter than her cheating husband, and I wish she would just take the jump and go that route. She is asking everyone if she should tell Gabe (um, she’s gonna have to, since this is all gonna be on tv) about her night of fun, and they answer with a collective no. They all agree that if she wants to go back for seconds, or get hers (since she was the one doing all the giving), she has to keep it a secret until she’s fully done enjoying the hottie. But alas, Trina wants to tell, so Trina’s gonna tell. The episode ends with Trina and Gabe in counseling, where she uses the same exact phrase, ‘oral transaction’ to break the news. Gabe isn’t surprised since he previously put spyware on her phone, but does feel weird about her working with him in the band. It’s then revealed that some woman Gabe slept with years back is still involved in their lives. Someone, please tell these women that sometimes, divorce IS the answer!!

This show airs on Thursdays, 6pm on WE for those who want to start watching. Because of the fact that it does take place on Jersday, it may often be recapped late. After all, Jersey Shore is of the utmost importance.


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Comments on: "We are the Braxtons and you’ll see…" (2)

  1. I’m glad you watch this show, because Tamar ruins it for me!

  2. darlingnikij said:

    lol, hopefully the recaps will get you interested again, and you can learn to love her…or just tune her out!

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