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I’m really quite embarrassed that I even watch this show, but I did want to see how that solid marriage of Kim’s came apart so shockingly fast. Were you all as surprised as I was?? I mean,  it had all the ingredients of a perfect relationship, and Hollywood has such a great track record of ever-lasting marriages that I’m still recovering from the news. For those of you who don’t yet understand that I’m being sarcastic, I truly feel for you. But unfortunately I started watching it so I’m gonna go ahead and put in my two cents about last night’s episode.

OK, first I want to clear something up – is Kim’s friend Jonathon the voice of Napoleon Dynamite?? I even think his face provided some inspiration for the character. I’m so right that I scare myself sometimes. Well, Kim is being a major bitch (as always), and is holding some weeks-long grudge against Khloe for -get this – waking her up an hour early on her ‘day to sleep in’. She got so upset that she sent Khloe an email telling her what an ugly inconsiderate troll she is. See Khloe, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to admit that you guys don’t share a father. I wouldn’t wanna be related to Kim on her best day. She has yet to sincerely apologize, or even acknowledge when Khloe is in her presence, and frankly she doesn’t feel she did anything wrong. She assumes that Khloe is jealous that she married a basketball player too. Really, Kim? Are you sure you’re not just pissed that her marriage actually seems to be working?

Everyone is noticing Kim’s cold behavior, and thus far, only us viewers (and her mom) know that ever since Kim returned from Dubai, she has realized she doesn’t like who she is now that she’s married and knows deep down that her marriage is over. Gasp! I’m sorry, I just relived being surprised that they got divorced. I don’t know what the big deal is, she’s been married and divorced before. Kourtney attempts to sit down with Khloe and Kim and get them talking again, which results in Kim offering a smart-ass comment instead of an apology, then calling Khloe ‘shady’ to top it off. Khloe walks away and Kim seeks condolence in her husband. But as she’s describing the problem, he, with a mouthful of pizza, blows her off by telling her ‘You’re sisters. Give it a week and you’ll be fine.’. It seems even he’s tired of her constant whining, and frankly I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did. The only logical explanation I can come up with is that he must have been getting laid a lot more frequently before they were married, so her personality didn’t bother him AS much. If you have a better theory, I’d love to hear it.

During all this drama over Queen Kim’s disturbed nap, Scott and Kourtney are trying to deal with the fact that they just can’t sleep in the same bed together. We learn that Scott is a troubled sleeper, and ‘rolls around and stuff’. That, plus Kourtney isn’t ready to have Mason sleep in his own bed yet. I actually admire them. I always said I wouldn’t mind getting married IF the man wouldn’t mind sleeping in his own room. Bonus points if that room is in his own house. They also understand that they don’t need to get married just because they have kids. They do go to a therapy session regarding the sleeping issue, and by the end of the show they have successfully shared a night in the same bed and hope to continue to do so. Scott deserves an award for ‘most improved’. From the drunken, irritable, greasy creepy dude he was, he has evolved into a mature, sweet, caring and funny (yet still slightly greasy) family man. Even he has his turn with Kim, trying to get her to see how she has changed lately.

And surprisingly, Scott must have put things in a new perspective (that, or its the magic of editing), because afterwards Kim decides to talk to Khloe one on one. She immediately begins crying, which prompts me to smile, and admits that the reason she lashed out is because she is so unhappy in her own life. Did I call it or what? She says she’s embarrassed to admit that her marriage isn’t working and she doesn’t know what to do. She doesn’t want to end it but knows she can’t go on. Khloe is understanding and supportive and they basically kiss and make up. If I were Khloe, I would have laughed and walked out. But I’m pretty cold-hearted like that.

Next week they…um, next week they’re going to…I already forgot. If I watch it, I’ll make sure to recap it!


Comments on: "Kourtney and the Annoying One Take New York" (1)

  1. Great recap! Kim was such a witch! I’m giving her the a little leeway because she is married to Kris ‘as dumb as a tree stump’ Humphrey, & it’s becoming clear that there were major issues on their ‘marriage’
    I don’t think they consummated the ‘marriage’ & if they did that’s a sex tape I would not want to see!

    On another note, I LOVE Scott now. He has grown so much & it’s kinda hot when he says, “Can I do you dirty?!”

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