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…this episode was the same as last week.


Really, though. This is actually the 3rd time that the sisters are rehearsing for a performance, Tamar gets power hungry and starts bossing everyone around, prompting a huge fight, and Tamar leaves. Only this time, Toni is being inducted into the Georgia Hall of Fame, so the one thing the sisters DO agree on is that the performance needs to be flawless. But it doesn’t take long at all before Tamar is pissing everyone off and eventually runs out, waiting for everyone to chase her. At this point, I tuned out to read my book (Toys by James Patterson – GREAT read! Check it out!) for a little while.

When I resumed paying attention, the girls had all gathered at Trina’s house to talk about the previous day’s fight. They reiterate the fact that they want the show to be great for Toni, and decide that they are going to prepare speeches to introduce Toni to receive her award rather than an actual performance since they don’t have time to prepare properly for a routine. The night before (or of the event, I can’t recall), though, they get a call from the people running the show, who then inform them that they won’t be doing anything – no performance, no speeches, nothing. Meanwhile, cut to poor-in-the-dark Toni getting ready, and she is talking about how excited she is that her sisters get to be included in her night, and how she can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with. She’s especially proud because she knows they had their little falling out but were able to work it out and come together for the show.

However, soon Toni is about to go onstage, and is confused seeing her sisters all in the audience just moments before she is to accept the award. She even seems to hesitate, waiting to make sure they are indeed doing nothing. She finally accepts the award and returns to her dressing room, where she decides to wait for her sisters, stating that she understands plans may have changed regarding the performance, but she knew her sisters would come see her backstage to congratulate her. Or at least she thought she knew. We learn that no one was being allowed backstage other than the stars themselves. This is something else that Toni was kept in the dark about, so now she’s legit pissed.

In the end, the 5 sisters end up at a counseling session together to dig further into the problems that spark these constant fights between them. Of course, right as it starts to get heated and my interest is peaking, the show is over. I’m pretty excited for the next episode, as Traci’s dumbass finally comes out and starts talking about how she feels basically like nothing compared to the other sisters. I’m hoping that while there, Tamar will find a way to make it seem like they are all ganging up on her (and finally says something that ends in DOT.COM! she can’t just drop what made her popular, dammit!) Trina will be craving a drink, Towanda will use a copy of her husband’s book to slam on the table attempting to bring everyone to order, Traci will realize that she IS an outcast and accept it, and Toni, taking advantage of the fact that everyone is in the same room, will make another one of her huge announcements (as long as it’s nothing about her health. see ya’ll, I do have a heart).

I would like to take this moment to add a disclaimer to this particular recap – if you found yourself bored reading this, that was the intent – as I was bored watching it and then writing about it. Until next time… 🙂


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