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Creepy man alert!!

Last night’s episode of the Braxton Family Values made my skin crawl for a few moments. Looks like this week’s focus is relationships. Start with Tamar and Vince in a car, bickering about some house he’s buying. Man, it must be sooo hard to have enough money to do whatever you want whenever you feel. Next. Trina is out with her band (including the dude she had her ‘oral transaction’ with) drinkin’ up a storm. This is the happiest I’ve seen her in 2 seasons, and the only time she looks upset is when she mentions she has to go home. Um, maybe that’s a sign that you need to rethink your situation, doll.

Now on to the creepy part. Towanda is hanging out with her husband, and she has recently saved enough money to buy her own house. So he’s sucking up to her to make sure he gets to move in. I don’t know what it is about his face and voice, but put that together with what he was saying and I freak out. He started off by telling her how good she looked, then said he must have told her a hundred times. Next, they walk up to a park bench and he says “I wonder if I can make a bench and dedicate it to you. That way I can sit on you everyday. Because you sure don’t ever sit on me.” THEN he asks her if he moves in, will they be making love (I HATE that phrase) often. Going on about its a ‘cold’ feeling not being able to touch, kiss, hold her and all that ish – and of course ties it into his lame book. Towanda seems really smart and out of his league, and I was proud of her when she finally told him she would prefer him to live wth his grandmother than with her in her new home. Thank goodness his camera time was over because I gotta get these creepy crawlers off me.

Back to Trina and Gabe. She purposefully came home at a random time of day (after spending the night in a hotel to avoid drunk driving) hoping Gabe wouldn’t be home, and I kinda wish he wasn’t home either because even though he is the only one on the show with real hair, he looks horrible with it. Somehow this leads to them wanting another counseling session. And yes, it’s the same counselor the sister’s used in the previous episode. I wish I was this family’s counselor, I’d be set for life.  It’s good that they try, marriage should be important enough to try everything for, but sometimes it IS over. Trina tells the counselor that she flat out doesn’t like Gabe and she’s waiting for the next chance to hurt her. She’s not wearing her ring, and says the symbolism is gone and would rather it be pawned. Gabe is actually still cheating and it’s sad to see Trina break down , but she finally tells him that she is completely done. She wants out of the marriage and it’s done. Later when they get home, she brings up the fact that she talked to her lawyer about a legal separation, and Gabe plays dumb. He’s saying anything he can at this point to get another chance. She’s not fallin for it, though, and if she really does go thru with this separation/divorce, I say YAY!!

I really don’t understand what the hell Tamar and Vince are doing, but they end up at some night club giving a motivational speech about how their marriage works. Earlier they were at a dinner and Tamar popped off about the waitress possibly winking at and touching Vince. Not much goin on there, but at least neither of them are creepy.
We end by getting a grand tour of Towanda’s new house. Gorgeous home, and just when I started thinking it may be a million dollar home, I realize it’s in Atlanta, so really it was probably only $32,000 or something. Those non Californians don’t understand how good they have it. Sure, the land everywhere else sucks, but you can’t get that kind of house out here for any reasonable prices. Anyway. Tamar starts her hijinx again, stealing stuff out of Towanda’s closet. Maybe that’s why they stay in those unhappy marriages – they’re so used to fighting with eachother that it just comes naturally with their men.

*sigh*. I hope they learn.


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