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Those Crazy Braxtons!

We start here where we left off a few weeks ago, where the sisters are sitting down to a therapy session. They are looking for a resolution to all their issues. Personally, I think if they stop trying to perform together, they’ll never fight again, but that’s just me. Each sister is told to reveal her feelings towards the other sisters, starting with Tamar. She basically whines about not wanting to be ‘Toni Braxton’s’ fan, but instead be ‘Toni Braxton’s’ sister. She’s tired of handing her tissues or something, but I thought Towanda was Toni’s personal assistant, and frankly I can’t see Tamar doing anything for anyone, including herself. Toni understands, issue resolved. Next Trina told Towanda that she needs to move out of her house because she’s trying to work on her own family and can’t do that with Towanda and her creepy husband in the house. That turned into a nice moment, so I’m over it.

Toni’s comment was my favorite. She comes right out and says “Traci, I think you need to lose 20-40 pounds. You’re a pretty girl, but that stomach? That’s not right, and it didn’t used to be there. You really need to tighten that up, it doesn’t need to be hanging over your pants like that.” Hahaha…perfection. Traci flips her lid and yells at everyone to shut up and starts pouting while everyone tries to tell her there was no insult in Toni’s comment. She eventually storms off, coming back in later to be joined by their mom, who calmly tells Traci to truly tell them how she really feels. Traci furiously screams, while hitting the table with her fists, “I DON’T MEAN A DAMN THANG TO YA’LL, THAT’S HOW THE F*CK I FEEL!” Then of course we are reminded that when all the sisters did a Braxton’s album, Traci chose not to because she was pregnant. She’s especially pissed because Trina had a baby already but still got to sing. So for the last 15 years, she felt like the left out, unwanted sister. Which is a weird coincidence because I wish she was left off this show, cuz I don’t want her.

Somehow a ‘sisters trip’ comes up, and they all love the idea. I don’t know why they picked Arizona, maybe they just wanted to be extremely bored. It even shows them in a club on an empty dance floor. So that could mean they were in any club in Arizona. Poor ladies. The phrase ‘sisters retreat’ seems to be the phrase of the day because they won’t shut up. And when Toni doesn’t join them for horseback riding, they’re all pretty pissed about it. Toni, however isn’t feeling to well when she wakes up, so she decides to get a spa treatment done before her health is jeopardized, which I totally understand.

The rest of the episode shows the 4 sisters ‘roughing it’ riding horses, shooting guns, you know, the only couple things to do in Arizona to pass the time.  It’s your typical ‘pretty girls roughing it’ routine, you know, prima donnas scared to get their shoes dirty in a field of dust.  They reflect on the ride back, all the more appreciative of each other and all that mushy crap. They again start talk of a new Braxtion’s album, because they in an odd way all kind of turned on Toni since she didn’t join them in their stupid – um – bonding activities, and they realize they can do the album without her. I honestly think she could care less about it, and really, neither do I.


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